Blogging & Copywriting

Why a blog?

A business blog is an up-to-date company resource. It keeps your potential and current customers interested in what you have to say. Blogs are the easiest way to connect personally with potential customers on a personal level.

Launching a new web project? Giving your current site a complete overhaul? By creating a blog, you’re putting your sales pitch on your website right where visitors can find it.

What I write

I create email newsletters, blog posts, features and press releases, as well as engaging social media and Google AdWords campaigns. I create content that makes your website interesting and improves your online footprint.

My blog content writing services are available for those who don’t have writing skills, or simply don’t have the time to write their own posts.

Do you need SEO?

You may have an idea which terms your customers are using to find your product, but I dig deeper and carry out keyword research to discover terms that help you get seen online.