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A personal growth blog focused on career, lifestyle, business & blogging. We all need self love #loveyourself #empowerment

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Helping to find creativity and inspiration in everyday life, health, career and online business.

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  • simple-ways-to-save-money
    Simple Ways To Save Money This Year
    Simple Ways To Save Money   We all know how easy it is to spend money. Saving can tricky, we have outgoings that are sometimes more than we earn. It’s a brand new year and what a better start than to put together some tips...
  • My 2018 Goals
    My 2018 Goals
    Happy new year! It’s that time again where we self-reflect and promise to drink less alcohol. There are plenty of things I’d like to change about myself but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Often people fail at their resolutions because of trying to do...
  • My story, my diagnosis
    Living Life: My story, my diagnosis
    Living Life: My story, my diagnosis.   I’ve decided that being open about my story gives me positives that far outweigh the negatives. I’m not sharing this for attention or pity. This is for my own personal healing and to also tell those I love,...
Welcome to my online home! My lifestyle blog hoping to inform, influence and inspire. Creativity & inspiration in life, career & online business.

Makeup loving, high heel wearing petite girl. Living gluten free, battling health, waxing eyebrows & balancing a social life, with wine. Oh, and an occasional blogger.

Dedicated to personal growth

I am passionate about helping others and myself, to be a more beautiful version of themselves, both inside and out!

confidence & self love #LoveYourself

“If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else”

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Modern women are busy, but we can still have a beautiful, creatively organised – healthy, happy life. Work with me

Lifestyle & Ambition


Practice self care. Invest in yourself first. No matter what we do for a living, we all need to find time to look after ourselves and have self-care. It’s a constant life process and something I’m sure many of us go up and down with. The following blogs are what I try to live by everyday, some days not as well as others!



Career-minded women are all about trying new things, finding a niche and passion. Whether it’s in an office, at home or running your business online. Having a focus and productivity can lead to a great work-life balance.

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Define your business and grow your brand or website. Whether your business is in fashion, graphic design, photography or baking, any of these passions need a business goal and ambition. Reach your goals, update your website and find more tips for better copy, SEO, inspiring content and personal branding.


Join Sabrina Nicole/Creative Sabrina on a journey. A lifestyle blog – Manchester blogger aspiring for a creatively organised life & career.
If you’re a fellow busy girl, then you’ll find plenty of words and thoughts to help streamline your life. If you are a brand, then Sabrina-Nicole is PR friendly.

Productivity & creativity comes in many forms. Increase your imagination and come up with more creative ideas. How to be more creative, thoughts on motivation and goal setting, explore yours.


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