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About Sabrina


I’m Sabrina. A 9-5er, content creator, occasional blogger and small beauty biz owner.

By day I can be found working in web operations, SEO and content editing. By night, blogging and providing beauty treatments – all whilst dreaming up new ideas. I’m quite a busygirl.

I’m here to tell my journey, build self confidence and share tips with other like-minded people.


I first created this blog (formerly Creative Sabrina) with the vision of empowerment, goals, self care and passion for fellow creatives.

After discovering I have MS, I decided to let this blog be whatever I feel like in the moment. I hope along the way I can inform, influence, and inspire others with MS. However that doesn’t define me, so overall, this website is for those interested in my story or those wanting to create a lifestyle, career or blog similar to mine. Otherwise, girlbye! Positive vibes only.

Here you’ll find blogs on how to reach business and career goals. Insights on my hobbies, reviews as well as online creativity, website growth, productivity, career and lifestyle tips.


When I’m not behind the computer screen or waxing eyebrows, I enjoy cooking (gluten free), make-up, wine, watching WWE and reality TV (don’t judge me). My variety of interests has lead me to create and share content to blend together the random and varied things I love.

I strive towards personal growth whilst sharing my discoveries and maintaining ‘me’

I have a Bachelors Degree in Design Futures and qualifications in Salon Management, Beauty Therapy, Media Studies and Journalism.

If you’re interested in collaborating then please contact me.

Overall, thanks for reading about Sabrina Nicole, me. My blog is a journey. I’ve worked hard on it and I’m still improving.
I’m not perfect, I don’t have it all figured out and I’m learning about life just like everyone else. I hope you enjoy my story.


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Bringing my passions together & striving for a beautiful, creatively organised – healthy, happy life

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