Common Questions

Let’s see if I can help

I’ve made it easy for you and broken down the most common problems to see if you need my help.

WordPress, Hosting and SEO common questions

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • How do I setup my domain name and hosting?
  • Will I break my site when a Plugin needs updating?
  • How do I upload files via FTP?
  • How do I install and modify a theme in WordPress?
  • How do I update a section of my website?
  • What is the difference between a post and page?
  • How do I assign pages to my menus?
  • How can I insert images into posts in WordPress?
  • How do I submit a sitemap to Google?
  • How can I keep my website secure and running smoothly?
  • How can I be found on Google?
  • I need a basic logo?
  • I want all my social media profiles to match each other!

If so as a WordPress designer for hire, please contact me about my WordPress maintenance services and I can help you out.

I can support you and your business on an ongoing basis with a range of WordPress support services. Whether you need a quick WordPress website fix, or something more long term I can help at an affordable rate. Some of my clients like me to support them on an ongoing monthly payment plan basis, which may also include SEO of their site

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Common Questions 16th November 2016