Living Life: as a Designer

Living Life: as a Designer

Sabrina – As a Designer

I graduated with a BA (hons) in Design Futures.

It’s the process practice and theory of design, we explored design issues and challenged or solved them in our own personal way, which for me was mainly graphics and online media.

This allowed me to emphasise on practical projects, giving me time to fully explore my ideas and passions, with encouragement from mentors. I have always been ambitious in my design thinking and this is reflected in the various skills I learnt along the way.

I started Journalism in 2008 as an addition to Media Studies. My aim was to write about the fashion and beauty industry. With already having my beauty skills I wanted to progress onto Journalism and design. I studied the introductions of advertising production and writing for the media. My first year of University was Journalism and Design Studies – towards magazine and newspaper articles. I then went onto complete my design degree.

Today, I’m working as a web operations consultant specialising in web content, content writing and SEO.

Below are a ‘few’ details of what I’ve trained in and am able to do.
Content Writing
Personal Branding
Video Production
Script Writing
Web Design
Online Marketing – Social Media
Display Typography
Wordpress Development
Graphic Design including:
Logo Design

To enquire for any creative work then please contact me.