5 Tips for New Freelancers

5 Tips for New Freelancers

5 Tips for New Freelancers

Let’s get straight to it!

Have a Routine

When I first started as a freelancer I was working 12+ hour days, getting little sleep which resulted in me feeling burnt out and disorganised. Avoid this from the get go by defining your own working hours. This can be difficult when working for yourself but stretching yourself with no routine is unhealthy.

Don’t Forget Your Taxes

Start keeping your receipts and recording your incomings and expenses. Keep track of this monthly, register yourself as self employed and stay organised.

Get a Professional Email Address

You’re just starting out and you’ll need an email address to have potential customers contact you. However it isn’t going to look good if your business email is cutseybug789@hotmail.com. You could pay for a professional email account such as info@yourbusiness.com or as an easy, free option use gmail and choose your business name or a name that’s the closest and most professional to it.

Create Templates

No one likes to repeat themselves and this includes when dealing with clients. Setup an email template, prepare documents for contracts and have your prices handy. This way it ensures your clients are all getting the same information and also saves you time.

Establish Relationships and Network

Blogging and social media are two of the best ways to engage with potential clients but what about offline? Find social groups in your area or visit networking events. Being a freelancer shouldn’t mean being lonely. Whether it’s online or offline it’s good to connect with other like minded people. I’m always happy to chat! @creativesabrina


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