8 Simple Monthly Tasks For Your Online Business + Free Checklist

8 Simple Monthly Tasks For Your Online Business + Free Checklist

8 Simple Monthly Tasks For Your Online Business + Free Worksheet

Keeping your business organised is crucial for efficient productivity. Keep up to date with your business with these 8 easy and simple tasks. I’ve also prepared a handy free checklist available for you to download.


Clean Up Your Email Accounts

Maybe you’ve signed up to newsletters you don’t actually read, have a ton of spam emails or need to move your replied emails into a specific folder. Keeping on top of your emails will help your productivity. The more you do this the less of a headache it will be the next time you open your account.


Check In With Past/Previous Clients

Share new products or services you may have with previous customers. Send them a special offer, ask them you join you on social media or ask them if they need further help! Making sure your clients don’t forget about you, but don’t bombard them with emails. A simple monthly reminder should do the trick.


Go Over/Record Expenses

Are you getting the most of the services you pay for? are you keeping receipts and keep track of your expenses? Hopefully you’ve answered yes to these. Recording all of your expenses and getting rid of subscriptions that aren’t benefiting you will keep your bank balance healthy.


Restock All Business Supplies

Running low on printing paper, down to your last few flyers? Double check everything that you use and stock up so you have them handy for when you need them next month. It’ll be a frustration if you can’t find a pen that actually still works!


Update Apps/Plugins/Themes

make sure all your plugins are up to date – especially if you are using WordPress. If you’re always on the move then keep your apps updated on your phone. Not only will you keep up with potential new features, you’ll make sure you have the best performance. Remember to remove any apps or plugins you are no longer using.


Create And Update

Bulk create images and content for social media or maybe your new email address needs updating on your website. Do a quick review of your social media and website and make sure your information is up to date


Learn Something New

Something that can improve your business, make you focus more or promote your services. It can be something simple like automating your social media or learning how to edit your pictures. Perhaps something to improve your sleep like yoga. Anything that has a benefit in your life can also benefit your business. Keep your mind fresh


Set Blog, Brand, And Business Goals For Next Month

Don’t fall behind on your to do list, set new goals or update your existing ones. Take the time to prepare for the following month. Schedule tasks in advance.
QUICK TIP Why not print out this help sheet once a month and use the checklist as you go along



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