How to Get Through a Stressful Day

How to Get Through a Stressful Day


How to Get Through a Stressful Day

I like to share tips about subjects that I’ve dealt with in real life! So today I want to talk about stress. Having a stressful day is something we can probably all relate to. Sometimes it seems that life is just rushing by and we are being tugged in a million different directions.

Instead of letting it build up into weeks or months of stress, there are simple things you can do to ease a stressful time.

Here are my 5 top tips I use for dealing with stress:


Relax or Exercise

Both opposites, but everyone deals with stress in their own way. You might just need to take time out! Watch Netflix, run a hot bath, exercise? Exercise is a great way to lower your stress. While exercising, you can focus on what you’re doing with your body, which helps free your mind from other worries. It’s basically taking care of yourself. Sometimes your endless to-do list seems more important, but don’t let stress take over your own health! Maybe put your phone away and switch off from the world whilst you relax.


Write it down

To do lists are my number one! If you enjoy writing, this can be a good way to de-stress. Not only so you don’t forget about certain things but also to clear your mind. Whether it’s on a notepad or in your phone, writing things down can clear your head. By writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper, you’ll likely feel less stressed.


Living space

If you work from home or in an office – make sure your workplace is clean and simple. Mess and clutter can be really distracting. Messy space = messy mind. Same goes for your bedroom, how can you relax in a messy environment? Have a quick tidy up and instantly feel relieved.


Take your mind off whatever it is that’s stressing you out. Go to see friends or meet up with a group and do something different. This will help you take your mind of the things you’re stressing about. Share your feelings with someone you can really trust. Sometimes just telling someone what is bothering you can really help. If you’re not comfortable with being around people when you’re feeling stressed then try to boost your confidence.


Treat yourself

I like to treat myself whenever I’m stressed. A simple treat can really give me that extra boost! Whether it’s enjoying a good lunch, piece of chocolate, glass of wine or a new pair of shoes – give yourself a little treat. Even a massage can work wonders on a stressed-out body. Clothes shopping and buying that dress or jacket you’ve been wanting for awhile. Remember not to go overboard on your spending!.


If things don’t improve, you can see a doctor or look into counselling.

How do you deal with stress? Maybe reading blogs helps you through it. We will all have bad days, just try not to let them get the best of you. Remember that better days are ahead. Let me know!

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