My first official month of blogging.

September Report – My first official month of blogging

It’s been over a month since I launched and an interesting one to say the least.

I have blogged in the past for various websites and as part of my studies, previous and current job roles. However blogging purely for myself was something new and different. It was a challenge for me, not only with being limited on time, but putting my writing out there for all to see with my name attached to it.

I wanted to test the waters with my blog and explore different options with what topics to blog about. I mainly wanted to focus on business with a lifestyle twist. With my background being in design, SEO and beauty – my expertise definitely has a wide range. Let’s break down some results from late August/September and see which ones did the best.



Blog – Just under 1000 views.
Twitter – Gained – 200 + followers on both accounts
Instagram – 90 + followers
Pinterest – 400+ views


Blog Posts

In terms of views – overall the clear winning post was
Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

In terms of engagement – the one that got the most mentions on social media and shares on other websites was
How to Get Through a Stressful Day

Guest Post – now this was my only was but it was a big win for me, it was shared quite a lot!
3 Tips To Improve Your Social Media

Another post with a decent amount of view but no engagement was
5 Free WordPress Plugins For Bloggers


What’s next?

The irony for me is that writing a post on improving social media – I really need to take my own advice! I’d love to get more involved on Instagram and Pinterest.

I desperately want to find my niche. I decided to test the waters and post within different categories to see what worked well and what didn’t. My goal is to have more of a reader focus and clear direction with this website. Perhaps I need to rethink my categories and focus more of lifestyle instead of business and SEO! Who knows I’ll use another report to explore more.