The One Thing You Need as Local Business

The One Thing You Need as Local Business

The One Thing You Need as Local Business

There are many ways to optimise your website for local SEO. However what is the One Thing You Need as Local Business?

Link and content strategies, local keywords and more can help however the one thing you really need is a Google My Business page. It’s easy to setup and it’s free!

If you don’t already have this then register now, you’re missing a trick!

How can it help my business?

Not only can a Google+ business listing increase your visibility and help your SEO, it also allows potential customers to call you directly and get directions to your business on Google Maps. Therefore it will also link to your verified business website.

You should setup your page with as much information about your business as possible. Once setup customers can leave reviews directly on your page. You can uploads images, links, status to keep your page updated. Just like you would with Twitter and Facebook. Why not also add customers to your circles if they have a Google + page.

Get Started

Go to
Select “Get On Google”
Sign in or create an account
Type in the name of your business or phone number
If your business does not exist in the section, you can select add your business:

You will have to verify your business so make sure you enter all of the correct information. You will most likely be sent a postcard with a pin number for verification. This can take a few weeks so in the meantime start setting up your page!

Add your business hours, upload appropriate images and select the correct categories for your business.

Once you’ve verified your business, go through your page again and make any edits and updates.

Lets go over the main benefits of having a Google + business page:

  1. Potential clients can easily find and contact you
    …On any device
  2. You can include pictures, videos and links
  3. Easily and quickly update your business information
  4. Check how many views and interactions your page gets

This is from my Google Business Dashboard

So the One Thing You Need as Local Business is Google Business! These simple steps will put you way ahead of most other local businesses and it only takes 5 minutes to initially get set up!

Tip: If you don’t login to your business page in 6 months, Google may un-verify your page. Keep it active!

Remember that is it a great boost for your local SEO! If you struggle with SEO or setting up Google Business for your needs, then contact me for an SEO audit

How does Google Business work for you?

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